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Focus cloud based video management systems are highly configurable, you are able to choose which smart triggered, specified events you want recording and alerted to. Smart detection and real time analytics, alerts and schedules help maintain an active CCTV network - minimising system downtime. Time-consuming engineer callouts and on-site checks are eliminated. Integration of AI and scalable storage options support a single camera through to large scale multi-site deployment for any size business. View single or multiple sites, live or historical footage and ‘intelligently’ identify specific events - chosen by you.


CCTV Cloud systems integrates easily with third-party applications with mission-critical business applications across a range of industries, such as point-of-sale (POS), alarm monitoring, and access control systems, to provide you greater insight into your day-to-day business.

When we refer to video analytics in relation to video security, we’re talking about the implementation of software or hardware to create smarter, more streamlined video security systems. Using video analytics, businesses can detect and track people or objects, as well as report and analyse activity that takes place in the video. It’s a vital tool for building intelligent business security.  Line Crossing, Intrusion Detection, Object Counting, Loitering and Licence Plate Recognition can be added to the system. Visual data can be accessed by authorised staff anywhere at any time on any device and shared immediately or saved for up to 12 months, with a 30-day delete option.

Your system can be used to help with Health and Safety to monitor and mitigate potential risks, as a training tool, to capture the exchange of funds, goods and customer-employee interactions to ensure the quality of service and staff safety, use analytic tools to reduce theft, receive alerts due to unwanted activity and highlight potential security concerns.  For managers to check multiple premises without having to physically visit each one.


Future proof - Whether a new installation or to extend the value of existing infrastructure, your system will grow alongside new developments in cloud technology. As the Cloud platform continues to evolve, all performance upgrades, technical enhancements and new features are made available to all customers.

Our technology works with virtually any analogue or IP camera. All connected cameras and recorded footage can be viewed via the Cloud platform and all CCTV cloud recordings can be accessed via a web browser, from any location, at any time.   

Focus offer a no obligation site survey to assess what you and your premises need.

Whether you’re extending the value of your existing surveillance system or ready to fully upgrade to IP, connecting your video to the cloud has never been easier

Discover how our Cloud Video Surveillance System can help your Business.



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