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CCTV Cameras

At Focus we are not tied to one brand of manufacturer so we are able to design a bespoke systems to suit your premises and budget. Including Cloud, Analogue, Digital, IP and Multi-Site Network Systems including ANPR cameras, Focus offers a wide range of CCTV Systems from basic budget systems to high end complex systems. 


Focus has vast experience in designing systems for Educational settings, Hospitals and Leisure Centres, as well as Industrial Units to Office Buildings and Car Parks.

Focus offer a no obligation site survey to assess what you and your premises need.



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   Benefits of having a CCTV System:

  • Deterring Internal and external Theft and Vandalism/ crime prevention / Evidence Collection

  • Monitoring Staff / staff performance / Health and Safety / staff security / Time management

  • Integration with point and sale / Vehicle Surveillance

  • Reducing Insurance premiums / claims on insurance

  • Market Research / line crossing / monitoring presence to reduce utility bills / Identifying patterns in customer activity to improve sales

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