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An intruder alarm is one of the most cost effective deterrents when it comes to the security of public/commercial premises, whether it is Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, retail outlets, work shops, storage facilities or multi-use office units.

Focus Security Systems commitment in the design, installation and maintenance of a system means the days of multiple false alarms, resulting in lost police response, are becoming history. We make sure that all systems installed are fully checked, tested and demonstrated to all authorised users as well as a customer satisfaction certificate being issued, prior to ‘going live'

Focus can offer different systems to meet your needs.  They can be stand alone or integrated into your existing security systems.  


There are also Cloud based systems that create a tightly integrated solution, giving customers a true cloud integration of video surveillance and access control. This lets administrators access the combined functionality of both systems with a convenient single sign-on configuration.
•    Fully cloud-based (no onsite computers required)
•    No maintenance required
•    Pay as you go
•    One-click view of enter/exit video
•    One-click view of door tamper event video
•    View live video
•    See events overlayed on video
Integrated in the Cloud your Security Camera VMS is integrated with the Access Control System in the cloud – no onsite work required. 

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