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Shoplifting Artificial Intelligence System

Detects Thefts, Automatically, In Real Time

An anti-theft system dedicated to supermarkets/retail/ worldwide. For several months, the developers and AI researchers "trained" the algorithm with millions of examples of suspicious gestures to detect in supermarkets. The software is now able to detect thefts that take place in front of supermarket surveillance cameras. The AI learning process continues and allows us to make our technology more and more efficient and eventually reach 99% detection rate. 

The Software that continuously analyses your video feeds.

Receive real time alerts when theft or suspicious behaviours are detected.

  1. Algorithmic analysis of video footage

  2. Automatically detects suspicious gestures

  3. Receive a video notification in real time

Depending on the region and the time of year, shrinkage can represent up to 3% of supermarket sales. In these circumstances, the installation of a traditional video surveillance system can detect the theft, but its dissuasive effect fades over time. In addition, it is difficult for a security guard (if there is one) to detect all suspicious acts. Less than 5% of thefts are detected by trained agents.

This AI system is a video operator that never takes a break or a vacation and never gets tired. Simply put, it helps you maximize your security spend. Our software is available 24/7 and 365 days a year to detect suspicious actions at any time and by anyone.

  • Installation of the server containing the company's solution on the store's existing cameras. After connecting the server to your video recorder, they synchronize the software with the cameras in your store. In less than 30 minutes you start receiving your first alerts.

  • Sending alerts on the tablet or phone provided by the supermarketOnce connected to your cameras, the system will send you notifications on the tablet, phone or computer (even on your cash registers) provided by Veesion. These notifications are short videos allowing you to quickly identify the suspect and intervene in real time.

The technology is based solely on algorithmic processing of gestures. We do not use facial recognition, customer tracking, or identity registration, so the technology does not allow for the recognition of physical or physiological characteristics, or the deduction of emotions or intentions of people. Protecting the identity of our clients’ consumers is one of the founding commitments.

It does not monetize its Artificial Intelligence data. This data is exclusively used to detect behaviours that could potentially harm goods and people in physical retail outlets. The technology does not rely on any identification process. We do not store any collective or personal data allowing the detection or identification of an individual; whether it is the recognition of faces, emotions, steps or clothing.

Artificial intelligence allows tremendous advances. It is a valuable decision-making tool for human beings. Nevertheless, We remain convinced that the final word must be with the human being, that artificial intelligence must not make any decision for them. It is up to the customer to make the decision that seems best to them based on the alerts transmitted by our solution. The technology does not aim to automate the decision making process. It is an aid both to combat shoplifting and to increase consumer safety in supermarkets. At no time does the technology replace human decision making. No decision is automated. 


The technology analyses images from video protection systems already installed in supermarkets. Our goal is to ensure the protection of goods and people. Since the alerts produced are accessible to security managers, security guards or employees who have been previously declared to the prefecture, our technology complies with data protection regulations.

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